Going Green

The following is a list of ways that Alamance Foods, Inc. is making an effort to be environmentally friendly. You will see that Alamance Foods, Inc. tries to think about the environment in all aspects of our business. Please check back often to see our progress in going green.

Going Greem Popie

  • Restoring previous used buildings to fit our needs.  AFI has refurbished buildings from the textile industry, tobacco industry, and dairy industry.
  • Recycled over 300,000 Lbs of metal in the process of restoring buildings to fit our needs
  • Always try to buy used and refurbish whether it is office furniture, manufacturing equipment, or buildings.  This allows us to cut down on waste by simply reusing what is already present.
  • We have “governed down” company owned diesel trucks to produce less omissions.
  • All company vehicles are classified as efficient vehicles that obtain 35 to 40 miles per gallon.
  • Participate in a second use box program with vendors. Allows us to send back their boxes that are still is good condition to be reused for receiving our next order. This cuts down significantly on waste.
  • Installation of Sky Lights and side Sky Lights in both our manufacturing facility and warehouse facility.  This allows us to use natural light instead of electricity to work during the day.Lights
  • Installation of T5 lights with motion detectors throughout our manufacturing and warehouse facility
  • LED and CFL lighting in various areas of our offices, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities
  • We have installed a Going Greenstate of the art high efficiency hot water heating system.
  • Corrugation recycling programs with Duffy Box Company in Greensboro NC
  • Plastics recycling program with Plastic Revolution in Reidsville NC
  • Segregated refrigeration units that allows us to shut one down to conserve energy when we are not at full capacity
  • Package our products in biodegradable packaging
  • Always buy local! We purchase our sugar from Winston Salem NC, cream from many local dairies in NC, produce all ‘fun’ flavors in house, and buy many other ingredients as close to home as we can.
  • Proud supporter of many local community programs.