Old Plant

Over 100 years ago, Alamance Foods Inc. had humble beginnings when R. W. Scott began selling butter and cream churned primarily for his own family's consumption. In 1927, Ralph H. Scott expanded his father's business by establishing the Melville Dairy and soon became the major provider of milk, butter and cream to the population of Alamance County, North Carolina.


The next expansion came in 1959 when the company was selected as a franchise producer for a revolutionary new product, aerosol whipped cream. Alamance Foods was established as a separate company for the production of this exciting new product and began producing aerosol whipped cream.


Current Alamance Foods PlantToday the company is one of three major producers of aerosol whipped cream in the United States. In the late sixties and early seventies, the company expanded further by entering into the flavored syrup drinks, freeze pops and bottled water business. Our "Triton" brand water was the first multi-pack water in the nation and most competitors have emulated our innovations.


Today, Alamance Foods, Inc. manufactures private label and branded water, flavored drinks, freeze pops and aerosol whipped cream. Our brands include "Triton Water", "Fun Pops", "Happy Drinks", “Fun Whip” and "Classic Cream".


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